Friday, October 16, 2009

A fun and easy Halloween activity for toddlers.

So, as many of you know I run a daycare and every year I have a different set of challenges as I shuffle kids in and out of the program. This year I find myself with mostly two and three year olds, which is fun, but their crafting abilities are limited. I came up with this really fun Halloween activity the other day turning their hand prints into bats. The kids really had a fun time and it was easy to do and to clean up which is a bonus.
It was very easy first you paint the childrens hands one at a time and have them press them on the paper. (I wipe their hands off with diaper wipes after we print them on the paper to avoid a mess.)Put them at an angle so they will look like wings. Then you paint or stencil a circle in the middle. I add little points at the top of the circle for ears.
When that is dry, I cut round circles for eyes and fangs out of white paper and glue them in place them use a sharpee to add pipils and a smile.

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  1. that is a super cute art idea, ann! always looking for those.