Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Miracles are happening already

For those of you who know me,you can see that two miraclulous things have already taken place.
First, I have actually added a picture to my blog ( by myself I might add) second, I actually have two posts now. Could I be turning over a new leaf?
Today was the kind of day that makes me want to be a humor writer. It started by waking up at five thirty to the sound of our fall wind storms. We have about one week of fall here in this part of Washington. It is beautiful and the streets are full of color. After that, the gale force winds begin and instead of the leaves gently falling, as the season would suggest, they are stripped in the night by a mini tornado leaving the trees naked.
So when the winds begin you alway have to ask youself, "What is that scraping sound and what is being destroyed, or blown across the street." In this case, it was a large shelter tent we have in our backyard. It was blowing completly onto one leg and threatening to become a very large lawn ornament for the neighbors, should the one remaining tie down break.
So dressed in my jammies and husbands coat and boots, very stylish I know, I made a makeshift tie down out of a jumprope and a hobby horse.
By eight,I had three babies crying over a toy, a mountain of oatmeal boiling on the stove,the wind still draggin things out into the street, I had cleaned the carpet from an anxious doggy, the phone kept ringing, and a toilet was determined to overflow after every flush. Several of my older kids were fighting about what cartoon should be on and a what decible it should be at and I was packing a lunch and trying to correct English homework before everyone had to rush out the door.
Now why would that make anyone want to be anything, other that gainfully employed anywhere, but as a home daycare provider? Because in that one moment when I look around at the absolute chaos that is, unfortunately, a pretty typical day. I have two choices, I could sit down and bawl or I could appreciate the craziness of it all for what it is, a happy home, brewing over with life, and start to laugh!

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