Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blogging to myself

After a very inspirational writers retreat in October I started a blog. I should explain first, that I am like the Helen keller of technology. I can learn, but it will take a special teacher and a lot of patience, but I was determined.
I learned how to add backgrounds, post pictures, and even put on little cutsie things that blink. Oh, I was feeling very clever. Then I realized what I couldn't figure out, how to tell anyone about it. Seems ridiculous,I know, but it is just!
I emailed my tried and true adviser for such things, Lisa. She managed to figure out my blog address from a distance that I couldn't see right in front of me. Crisis averted, or so you would think, but here enters the world of procrastination and I put off invites for the day I wrote something profound. That took some time, I'm still waiting in fact.
I soon gave up on profound and went for timely, as in I wrote about this today it may not be good, but it's here. Unfortunately, in a wild inbox cleaning frenzy I managed to erase what she'd sent.
So I had just given up, deciding I would blog to myself until the day I could gain the key to my own blog address, or at least humble myself to ask for help again. Then I noticed this small envelope button on the bottom of my posts. Clicking on it, low and behold I found a way to send my words out and quit talking to myself. It was a long road and a rather embarrassing one, but welcome to my blog. I can't promise it will be anything life changing or even inspirational, but maybe just once in a while you will find something that makes you smile, and that is enough for me. Thank you for visiting and at least keeping me from talking to myself.


  1. I would like to link yours to mine if you don't mind. Welcome to the blogging world by-the-way.

  2. LOL...Ann, just call me! I could have resent the email. But look at you being all independent. ;0) I'm looking forward to your posts! Maybe I'll even start blogging again myself...

  3. Love it Ann. You picked a winner for the name of your blog - it stands out and begs for readers. You are way, way ahead of me. I set up a blog, just the name, no background or anything and still haven't found it. Maybe I can become as brave as you one day and get my blog on the screen.
    Barbara B

  4. You make your Mother laugh. I'd forgotten what a wicked sense of humor you have. Keep it up. I love it.

  5. i love reading about your life ann! humour is my number one friend. yeah!

  6. At last! Someone more technologically challenged than I am!

    Loved your post. It was so refreshing. So you.

  7. Welcome to the blogging community!