Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello again...

Well it seems like months since I have blogged, well I guess it actually hasn't been too far off that. So what have I been doing instead of thinking up crazy twisted Christmas Carols? I have been experiencing the miracle of life, and believe me it isn't as beautiful as people say. No, I have not started my ususal nine month cycle of vomitting up every imaginable food sorce, but I have been experiencing the pitter patter of little feet. Thirty two of them to be exact. I am the proud, I'm not sure the title for this, not mother, not grandmother, I guess maybe fairy dog-mother might work, of eight beautiful little puppies. I am also the new spokes person for the spay and neuter movement, because the miracle of life is not just gross, but at five weeks they have gotten very busy.
I know there are some our there that judge and say it is irrisponsible to not spay a pet,and I do agree,but life has not gone at all like I planned this last year and this is yet another testament to that fact. In my defense, I am a very responsible pet owner and our little dog is, well I guess was, as close to a nun as I could possibly imagine, and frankly her fence climbing foot high romeo popped in at precisely the five minute break from her housebound heat induced ten prison sentence. I still could shoot that little guy, but hubby says I can't do that legally.
Anyway, in short dogs will be dogs and now I have a housefull to say the least. Oh, and yes, mommy has an appointment at the vets for an important operation very soon. My dream of having her bred with a beagle or a puggle is squashed beneath a huge pile of water sacks, placenta, and trying to rub life into a few little puppies who tried very hard not to cooperate.
They are a darling lot though and believe it or not I have them all almost house trained. I know, I may be an idiot about the lengths a dog will go to for reproduction, but I try to make up for it in making great little pets out of my consequences. Well, since it is about time for another round of feeding and then outside time, I will leave you with the link for their own little blog. I made it for potential parents so they could get an idea of their funny little personalities. You can see that, although this is another chapter of a crazy life, this one has been filled with little wagging tails and sloppy puppy kisses. Wether or not you are a dog lover you have to admit these guys are pretty darn cute.


  1. Oh wow...if I had a fenced backyard I would totally take one of those adorable little guys off your hands!

  2. You crack me up, Ann!

    I will admire your puppies from afar.

  3. ahh those puppies are the cutest ones i've seen... if only we lived closer.. :-) Tara

  4. Puppyhood is a fun time! Best wishes finding homes.